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  1. In Nov/Dec I took a trip to China and Thailand. Camera to start with was my NEX7 with three lenses: 16-70, 10-18, and a Sony 35 1.8. The kit worked great, but at the end of the Shanghai week I got the itch for something smaller and lighter. I bought a Sony RX100M3 and shot it for almost all of the week in Thailand with zero regrets. The NEX kit was great, but I could have left the 35mm home for all the good it was for me (good lens, but not my style for travel). If they fit in your wallet, I highly recommend the 10-18 and the 16-70. I learned long ago that FF did nothing for my shooting habits, so I'm OK with spending on APSC lenses. If you are interested in my China and Thailand pics, see http://www.pbase.com/golfzilla/2014asia_vac. Galleries 1-4 are all NEX7 and the remaining galleries are mostly with the RX.
  2. I suspect that Vivek is right about not increasing sharpness with a firmware update. However, that is not a normal expectation. A word of caution about doing an update. Use care when doing the update. I updated my NEX 5t and got a bit sloppy. I managed to brick the thing requiring a visit to the repair center in Texas. As to the mount comment, I replace the plastic mount with metal ones for both my 5t and 7. Don't know if it made a difference. (I am hoping we are referring to the same "mount")
  3. This is an easy one! What is the resulting image if I use my E mount lenses on a FF Sony? Could I create a preset in LR that would automatically crop the FF image to get an image more-or-less like the one from my NEX7?
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