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    Camo reacted to Jake Sloan in Thinking about switching to A7M3: The lens question   
    The Laowa is an excellent lens. I use one on my YouTube channel a lot. Great for landscapes Astro and architecture. I’m pretty impressed with the 2 tamron lenses too. The 17-28 and the 28-75 are both great lenses but cheaper. 
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    Camo reacted to Iansky in Thinking about switching to A7M3: The lens question   
    Camo, great decision - I have the A7iii and started with the 24-70 but wanted a bit more reach so traded it in against the 24-105mm and have no regrets, it is a superb lens that I use for documentary, landscape, portraits and even some macro as it focuses in close.
    I find this to be a superb combination that works really well for a seingle lens system ( I do have other lenses as well as another Sony body).
    I have medium sized hands and purchased the "small rig" grip that is superb and adds the extra depth for the fingers as well as offering a arca swiss plate fitting.
    Here are some links to images taken with this combo - hope they help show how it performs (these are small JPEG's for web).
    Good luck with your decision and I hope this post helps.
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    Camo reacted to steve of stonehenge in Thinking about switching to A7M3: The lens question   
    I got the 24-105 f4 last fall and absolutely love it.  I find it particularly good for travel.  Some may say f4 is too slow.  I would disagree.  I set the ISO to auto allowing it to go as high as 6000.  With Sony’s full frame sensors, this is not a problem.  I take the smallest Sony flash when I travel, but rarely use it.  Some think you need a wide aperture to blur the background, but a medium telephoto at f4 (like the Sony 24-105) does a great job.  This shot was taken about 30 minutes after sunset at 51mm f4 1/125 sec and ISO 500:

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