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  1. Thank you for your input! Currently I would go for 24-105 & Loawa 15mm. Does eye AF work with 3rd party lenses too? I would doubt it. Considering my wish to get a tele, this setup would pose a problem, since I had the 70-200mm in mind. The 24-105 already covers a good part of the 70-200mm range. Is this negligible? Are there worthy alternatives? Camo
  2. Hi, I have been thinking about switching to a Sony Alpha 7 III for quite some time. As I have come to decision to do it, the inevitable question of lenses is to be discussed. Therefore I am seeking your advice. My profile: - (advanced) hobby photographer - travel - products (blogger) - sometimes portraits of my girlfriend - to be (important): a bit more tele photography (people in daily situations, shot from afar) My current setup: Olympus OM-D E-10 M2 Olympus 14-150mm F4-5.6 Olympus 25mm F1.8 My budget: 4000$ for camera + lenses As you can see my budget is a bit tight on lenses, so no GM series. If I can snipe a 2nd hand boy, I could invest 2500 on lenses, I think. Lenses I think are worth considering: Setup 1: Sony SEL 24-105 F4 as standard lens (~1000$) Loawa 15mm F2 for landscapes (~1000$) Tele? Setup2: Sony SEL 24-70 F4 (~750$) Sony SEL 70-200 F4 (~1200$) Loawa 15mm F2 (~1000$) I would really appreciate if you could give me some advice or share your thoughts & experiences. If you think my setups are BS, please tell me so. If you know alternatives, shoot Thanks alot in advance Camo
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