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  1. Thanks VTC. That looks like a pretty useful setup.
  2. Thanks Thad, that's my conclusion too, after spidering the internet for everything I could find on this subject. The charger will provide roughtly 2/3'rds of the power necessary to run the camera. The rest comes from the battery. So, it'll extend the life of the battery, but when the battery finally crashes, so will your livestream. I guess I'll buy a dummy charger.
  3. Switching out fresh batteries isn't practical for streaming. Can I power the A7's using the USB charger port, or do I need to get one of those dummy batteries that are actually AC/DC power supplies?
  4. I'd like to be able to display onto an external monitor and my rear view display of my A73 and A7r3. I've noticed that when I connect a monitor via the HDMI cable, it disables (replaces) my rear viewer. Is there a menu setting that would allow me to mirror the two images, for both stills and video?
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