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  1. You could also use a tracking mount to aid you in longer exposures and therefore more detail. I recently purchased the Sky Watcher Star Adventurer Pro Pack. I'm shamelessly using video's on YouTube from Peter Zelinka to get more to grips with it.
  2. I haven't used, or even touched, the A7ii (yet) so I can't comment on it. As part of my kit I purchased the A7iii and the 85 1.8. But I did test the GM as well as the 1.8 on the camera (the 135 GM too) as I really wasn't sure which 'headshot' lens I wanted. In my eyes there was no discernible difference in AF speed, image quality or sharpness between the two 85's. I'm sure there has to be for over double the price, but I honestly couldn't see it. The bokeh is pleasing on both too, but that's subjective. Mind you, everything I'm saying is subjective isn't it. Plus that eye AF on the iii. Haven't helped at all have I. Sorry.
  3. I'm getting a bit more used to it. First lens of this focal length I've had. Getting very nearly 100% hit-rate on the a9. Just one of my pup's doing what she does best. Full tilt in both images.
  4. That happened with the original order I placed. I was gutted so I feel your pain. Rather annoying when you're informed one lousy day before, isn't it. I've just done some more testing in the garden, shooting my pups, and I'm more than happy with the sharpness of the images. I can only put my previous attempts down to user error. Feeling happier about it now.
  5. Received mine yesterday. I got lucky and just happened to contact the store I use asking for a lead time and they said they'd got one in. So I jumped on it. I've only used it on my a9 so far, and not for very long, but based on that I'm not convinced. I don't know, maybe it's my perception but the images appear soft. But I have to give it a fair go as it could easily be me that's at fault having never shot with a 600mm focal length, so I'm going out again tomorrow for a few hours. I'm also going to try it on the a7iii. Probably take the monopod or tripod too. What I can tell you is the zoom throw is very short. In my eyes it's perfect. It's also very light, much lighter than my 70-200 GM. Build quality appears to be on par with the GM too. Balance point (off camera) is about halfway across the zoom ring. But hand holding with the a9/grip/2 batteries feels balanced. Took this quick pic of it with my phone (sorry for the lousy quality), I thought the sizing compared to the GM might interest you. Or not, but it's there if you want it.
  6. Just retired a Minolta 7d. Just received an A9 and A7iii
  7. Thanks for taking the time to type all that, Steve, it's greatly appreciated. Pics below if you're interested. Taken with my phone (there might be some irony in there somewhere). The majority of the goods arrived yesterday, I have to say I'm absolutely stoked. Had a long and hard think about lenses and bodies (after my initial post) and I changed the list around a bit. You guys were not kidding about the AF. I'm in awe of it. It's crazy how far camera's have come. It's also shocking me just how small the bodies are, even with a battery grip. I must have small hands because they fit perfectly into mine, I guess I lucked out on that one. I'm still waiting on a few bits (on back-order), the 50 f1.4 Planar being the most anticipated. But the majority of the order has arrived. Godox's V1 should arrive tomorrow. I absolutely take your point regarding the Riii. Actually, it's nice to read it as it ties in with my own thoughts. We are getting one, we're waiting until the RIV has been released, and it's for the wife (in the meantime she'll be using the A7iii). She wants the 16-35 GM but I'm holding off until we see/read more complete reviews on the new Tamron. She's told me she's interested in shooting landscapes (hence the Riii) and "bugs". So I guess I'm looking at the 90mm Macro lens too, but the Tamron 28-75 we have doesn't half do bad on that score so far and she has latitude to crop on the Riii. It was great to see the bodies come with the latest firmware (showing 5.01), nice touch that. After some discussion with the guy at the store I've ended up going with Capture one Pro. I did get some fast UHS-ii cards as well. Ended up going with Hoya filters. After some testing I have to say I'm satisfied. The chap at the store did say if I wasn't happy I could return and get the B+W, so I'm covered either way. Thanks for the heads up re the PD raincoat. I'll be looking at that.
  8. Ended up going for the A9 and A7iii. Looking at an A7ii for the wife, or Rii. Not sure yet. Waiting to see how interested she really is before deciding as her subject interests seem to vary greatly. Binned the Tamron 17-28 (for now). Binned the 55 1.8; the 85 and 35 has me covered I think. Going with B+W Protector filters as I'm seeing too many reports of bad QC by Hoya to make me confident enough in them. Happy to be proved wrong though as B+W are expensive. Considering changing the 28-75 Tamron for the 24-70 GM, not convinced it's worth over twice the price though, even with that extra 4mm at the wide end. Everything else remains the same. Except the cards (thanks Liveshots), gone with Sony tough uhs-ii's and Sony uhs-1.
  9. Thanks for the post, eyeseeyou2. But that camera is a 1" sensor and has a very long zoom, advantageous in some situations sure but I'd rather buy a full frame camera and lenses to cover that focal range.
  10. I'm considering the IV, but can't help thinking what that's going to do to III prices. That'd still have a, what, 18mp super 35 image? (42 / 2.36). I reckon the a7Riii would be more than enough camera for me. Also, are there any current lenses that can resolve 61mp? I am getting a second body now. As for dropping lenses, I'm not so keen as bodies come and go, lenses don't, not for me anyway and not if I choose wisely. I'm also curious as to these other 3 camera's Sony are apparently bringing out in the next 4-6 weeks. There's been massive reductions on the RIII with Cashback and free extended warranties, on top of a reduced price - and now we have the mark IV. It's been the same for the A7iii so I have to wonder if a mark IV of that is coming too. I've waited 3 or so years, I can wait a few more weeks. I should have been clearer that the Hoya filters I was referring to are protector filters. Same with the Meike handgrip. It's not a battery grip, it's the alternative to Sony's pinky grip. Thanks for the interest, LiveShots. Appreciated.
  11. Hello, everyone. I hope this finds you well. I'm currently in the process of deciding which system I'm going to be using. I'm coming from a 7D. No, not the Canon - the Minolta 7D. It's done me proud, lasting as long as it did, but it's time to move on (a point-and-shoot would give me more options to create nowadays). I've been saving (and researching) and believe I've got a finalized list of what I want to purchase. Heck, the research started a few years ago, and I just kept waiting and saving as I believed Mirrorless would be the way to go, then I had to decide between Sony, Canon, and Nikon. Canon's current line-up doesn't sway me and it's probably (moving forward) way out of my budget anyway. My feelings about Nikon are pretty much the same as my perception of their pricing structure over the past year or two is one of shock. As I'm all about bang-for-buck (and system 'maturity') I've decided then to go with Sony...I think. Probably. Although Fuji is enticing me still. I'm a hobbyist, I like to shoot pretty much anything except for Macro and Street. I love learning, there's a certain sense of pride to be gleaned from it, and it starts with this post: How is everyone finding Sony as a system? By that I mean Warranty repairs should something befall a Body or a Lens. How good (or bad) was your experience? Is the A.F really as good as I think it is? Are the menu's as atrocious as I think they are or is it a case of set-up the way you want and, pretty much, never have to go back in there? Do you trust your Sony in inclement weather or is a raincover in order? I've done quite a bit of research regarding sd cards in Sony body's and have decided to use uhs-1 in both slots. Stupid idea? Now, I don't mean to be crass with this next but it'll help any respondents with answers: I have a budget of around £15000. I have a shopping list I've pretty much settled on but would welcome any changes. I would genuinely welcome and appreciate your thoughts. Obviously this might change dependent on Sony's New York event today. Sony A7iii - VGC3 grip - Spare z100 battery - Tamron 17-28 (should it prove to be a good lens) - Tamron 28-75 - Sony 70-200 G Master - Sony 200-600 G (Ditto...) - Sony 85 1.8 - Zeiss 55 1.8 - Sony 35 1.8 (Ditto again...). I'm also considering a second body (as the wife has expressed some interest in photography). There's also some other items on the list but the main one's are above: Benro Mach 3 (38) tripod. Benro G3 Ballhead, Peak Design Slide strap, Sky Watcher Star Adventurer pro pack and Lowepro Flipside 300 AWii. Filters. I originally looked at B+W but balked at the prices. Are they really that good? Would I be well-served with Hoya's Pro1 digital line? Godox V1 - anyone used it? Meike hand grip - terrible or....? Screen protectors - I'm struggling to pay what Sony is asking for theirs. I have found some generic one's on Amazon that are massively less expensive (Komet brand). Capture one for editing? I think that's it. Apologies for the long read, I've tried to be as concise as possible. Thanks in advance for any advice/help offered.
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