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  1. Stunning classic shot. Subject looks alive. Spent an unfair amount of time in on and under steam locos here in Aus - in maintenance and rebuild and when steamed up. I can almost smell it. Chris
  2. Hi All I've looked around the site and clearly there's one heap of expertise and enthusiasm here. I'm on to my second A7ii having just bought the A7Rii - proceeds of an insurance payout when the previous one disappeared from my car. Perhaps only 2-3 days earlier I had reflected that the A7ii was the best cameral I'd owned - having previously been a canon advocate. So here I am with several canon EF lenses including the 28-70L series - and considering how I can adapt them for use on the Sony. Any advice on what's best and what are the traps would be greatly appreciated - never tried adaptors before. Cheers Chris
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