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  1. I have used separate recorders in the past for projects I worked on at University and I'd agree for getting the best possible quality it's definitely the best way to go but I feel that it would be overcomplicating the process for me in this case, plus I really thing it would be massive overkill to hook a VideoMicro to an ADC, if I were to buy an ADC I'd certainly get a higher end microphone as well. For right now I'm just interested in getting decent quality for sharing on Facebook or Youtube and I don't really want to be lugging a lot of inconvenient equipment around when I'm just out with my friends. Out of interest though, what sorts of microphones have you used in the past Thad? I have also had a chance to test the microphone a bit more at a local car show and I've got to say I am very disappointed with how it handles louder sounds, past a certain threshold the in-built microphone actually does a better job at recording loud engines. The Rode just cuts out with pops and crackles, basically making the recordings useless.
  2. I'm looking for an external mic for my a6500. I actually already bought a Rode VideoMicro just yesterday based on some good reviews but I'm already questioning whether it's what I need. Basically I'm planning to record some drag racing and I know from experience that these events can be incredibly loud but the problem is that the signal i'm getting from the Rode VideoMicro is very strong, I'm almost able to clip the microphone on the lowest gain level setting in the a6500 menu just by clicking my fingers near it. I'm not sure if I'm missing something in the menu or if I really need to get a more high end microphone with gain attenuation built in so I can reduce the signal at the microphone end. Does anyone here have any experience recording motorsports with Sony Alpha cameras using external mics?
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