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  1. I have installed the 3.21, but since I installed I can no longer use the digital zoom, i can't select the setting of the zoom in a5000 i can select only optical, optical+ digital , and it work also in video and in photo at maximum resolution in a6000 it do only a croop of the immage in photo, if the resolution is setted to "M" i can have 1.4X of smart zoom but in setting i can't disable or do anyting, if the resolution is setted to "S" i can do 2X of smart zoom and i can't set if use a smart zoom, clear image zoom or digital zoom.. in my a6000 work only smart zoom anyone know how i can fix it? UP. I have se the problem thanks to all.. The zoom settings were in a different menu than the one I was in..
  2. i cant have digital zoom always on my sony a6000, it's more bad than your 😭
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