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  1. I saw that on youtube, but it doesn´t make it unsensitive, it just avoid the camera from switching from monitor to finder.
  2. That´s what I'm doing. I usually set it to Monitor (manual), but the finder sensitivity doesn't allow it to Power Save after 10 seconds. If there was a way to turn this sensitivity off, it would work perfectly!
  3. Is there a way to turn the finder´s sensibility off on the a6500? The camera "thinks" that the back plate of my waterhousing is my eye, so it keep turned on and never goes to POWER SAVE mode. My battery goes off rally quick.
  4. Hi! I'm asurfing photographer and I work with my a6500 inside a waterhousing. When I close it, the viewfinder's sensibility "thinks" the back plate is my eye and makes it keeps turned on wasting all the battery really fast, even when I'm waiting for another wave set. Does anyone knows how to disable this sensibility?
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