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  1. Yes, if sony does not fix this with a firmware, manual mode or AE lock are currently the only solutions to this.
  2. Thx, i know this video, but as far as i can remember its basically all about freezing action (fast shutter speeds), and he forces this with the minimum shutter speed setting the a7iii offers, so he is able to shoot fast action in aperture priority, but that is not possible if you want to force slow shutter speeds for motion blur. My problem is tied to shutter priority.
  3. Plausible maybe, but in my opinion the implementation is lacking. Im no engineer but im pretty sure this can be fixed by firmware. We have a "Release Priority" setting for AF already, why not one for exposure metering as well, just keep firing even if the aperture is not fully adjusted, just keep the frame rate constant. After spending plenty of hours with this problem in the last few days, i found out that nikons z6 has pretty much the same problem. But their solution is to lock the Exposure to the first frame in burst mode. If you want exposure metering for every frame, the frame rate is reduced from 12fps to 5.5. I know i can use M, but this way they can pretty much remove shutter priority completely.
  4. I have a little updated on this. After further research it has nothing to do with shutter speed. This can happen at any shutter speed, as soon as the camera needs to adjust the aperture in shutter priority, the frame rate drops. If the aperture is at minimum or maximum shutter (aperture number is blinking) the frame rate stays constant. You can see it in this video: https://imgur.com/a/ILYaSzf
  5. Yeah sure, continous shooting works fine, just the frame rate is going down for no reason in the described situation.
  6. Hi, I took my A7III on the racetrack for the first time, but im having problem that makes the camera basically useless for motorsports. The frames go down from 8fps to 2-3 fps when im doing panning shots of vehicles. However, only in shutter priority and at slow shutter speeds about 1/100 or 1/200. If I set a higher shutter speed like 1/1000 that does not happen. All other settings remain the same. It does not matter whether i use an adapted lens or native Sony one. If I set the camera to Manual with the same settings, it does not what shutter speed i dial in, im getting constant 8 fps. My settings: - Shutter priority - single point AF or expanded spot - AF-C with release priority (makes absolutely no difference whether I choose "release" or "balanced"). - Continuous shooting "HI" - Auto ISO - IBIS out Here is a short video with a 24mm GM, of course this is nonsense, but you can see what I mean. I suggest to watching it with sound. In a normal scenario with real cars and e.g. A 70-200GM it is just like that. https://imgur.com/a/jvtWLCo If somebody wants to try this on his A7, I should mention that I can not always recreate the problem. It seems to happen mostly in bright conditions and at a greater distance between photographer and subject. But happened every time i tried to do panning shots of cars this weekend. I asked this already on dpreview, but nobody could really help me with this. I hope someone has a solution for this. Kind Regards Michael
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