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    photo & video, travelling, exploration, adventure, nature, mountains, hiking, trekking, climbing, camping, aerial acrobatics, sport, watching movie, series, anime, manga, food, motorbike, board games and videogames.
    meeting people around the world and discovering new cultures and places.
  1. thanks for your reply. ok great! I also found PocketWizard's products. What's the difference between this one and Vello? did you have experience with them? which one do you recommend? ty
  2. Hi everybody! this is Ize from Florence, Italy. I need to shoot a man running on spot (on an electric treadmill) both from front and back side at the same time, at the same distance. I have a Sony a7sII, I would need to rent another Sony alpha camera and two G100-400 lenses. So how do I trigger the 2 cameras wirelessly in order to fire using only 1 wireless remote? I found this: https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/1437136-REG/vello_freewave_fusion_basic_2_receiver.html Is this what I need? or do you recommend a different product? or maybe a different way to get the result I need? thank you in advance and looking forward to read from you guys! best, Ize
  3. YO everybody! This is Ize from Florence, Italy! pleased to meet you all, hope to share and learn a lot! my current gear is: a7sII + zeiss 16-35 F4
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