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  1. To be honest...I just got used to face AF detection with half presses shutter, and eye AF assigned to the AEL button lol. Sometimes change is hard lol. With the firmware update, it feels weird seeing the eye AF kick in with a half press. I actually turned it back on and am trying to get used to it.
  2. I had no problems upgrading my A7R3 firmware via Mac. You can also search YouTube and there are a few step-by-step videos for upgrading via Mac. Hope this helps.
  3. Thanks. I was able to turn off eye AF on the half shutter press based on your instruction. I noticed that face priority AF is also off now (green focus box around face when a face is detected). Is there a way to turn that back on for half shutter press or is it connected to eye AF priority? Basically, before the firmware update I had my R3 set up where on a half shutter press, it was face AF (green focus box around persons face). When I wanted eye AF, I pressed my AEL button which I assigned to eye AF. Is it possible to set it up this way again?
  4. Hello all, New to the forum. Recently updated to the 3.0 firmware for my R3. I prefer my eye AF assigned to the AEL button rather than the half press shutter that’s included in the new firmware. Trying to figure out in the settings how to only have the eye AF with AEL button, but still continue to have regular AF during half press of the shutter. I can’t seem to figure out which settings to change. Any help would be great! Thanks!
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