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  1. I'm from Hawaii and travel there often with photo gear, from the Sony A6500 to M4/3 to Full Frame gear. IMHO the Sony 16-70 Zeiss has great image quality for it's size and portability and the F4 across the board is great for travel versatility. When traveling, lens swapping can be a hassle so a "do all" high quality zoom let's one focus on capturing the experiences vs hassling with gear. Sony 16-70 F4 Zeiss on Amazon.com (link)
  2. OP: try "photography-on-the-net" forum. Very busy and excellent site if you want something robust. Lot's of sub forums. "ugly hedgehog" photo forum also. If you have an Olympus, try "mu-43.com" forum
  3. Beautiful shot! Amazing that he let you get so close. Mahao, jim
  4. Absolutely beautiful!!! Well done!!! Mahalo, jim
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