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  1. UPDATE I went ahead and bought the cage anyway and low and behold it fit!
  2. I am using the Sony A7s2 and I've started to shoot weddings, I bought a Pixel AG-C2 battery grip in aid of prolonging the need to change batteries as regularly as I was having to (without a battery grip) Now I want to get a camera cage so I can begin to up my gear and build my set up, the cage I want is the SmallRig 2031 which accommodates for a battery grip, however it is apparently only compatible with the official Sony VGC2EM and Sony VELLO BG-S3 grips. If I can, I am hoping to avoid spending any unnecessary money on a new battery grip to accommodate for the camera cage (though I am fully prepared to splash out a bit), I've measured my grip to the Sony grip (by eye admittedly) and they look very similar, the positions of the buttons and the tripod screw look almost identically placed, so I'm thinking it may work BUT obviously I am not expecting it to. MY QUESTION IS THIS-- has anyone else used an alternative battery grip with the SmallRig Camera cage (2031) and had it successfully fit? or has anyone specifically used the Pixel AG-C2 with said camera cage and had it fit successfully? Many thanks in advance
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