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  1. Thank You for Your answer... Of course I agree with You... I tried Helicon a couple of days ago, but Ps works definitely better. A.
  2. Hi guys, a simple question for You... How do You do that... A7 series doesn't have any menu inside the software that allow to do that... Which sw, app or external tools might I to use? My request is to have a feature like "focus shift" by Nikon, in order to simplify my daily work with macro photography... Could Sony add this feature inside the A7 sw ? Someone has my same problem or is in the my same situation? Thank You in advance! A.
  3. I have the sigma ART 50 and 105mm f1.4, They work really well... AF in general is great, eye Af works really well in both of theme. There are few "issues" when there is not light enough. But nothing of terrible, these lenses are awesome.
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