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  1. Good Morning BatK, I tried http://www.myshuttercount.com and got the same error as you. I did a quick Internet search and found https://www.camerashuttercount.com . That returned an answer from a JPG I uploaded as '1717' for my Camera which is relatively new. I hope this help.
  2. This is the list of improvements from the Sony web site: Added Auto Pwr OFF Temp. function. When using the camera in a high-temperature environment When someone with poor circulation or impaired skin sensation uses the camera When using the camera with the Auto Pwr OFF Temp. function set to High Improved operability of the camera: Improved operability when AF area is set to flexible spot Added Live View Display into custom button assignation Added Set File Name function Supports visible light LED in external flash for AF (HVL-F45RM) Improved release time lag when wireless flash is used Optimised exposure algorithm during focusing when Live View Display has Setting Effect OFF Improved image quality when Long Exposure NR setting is OFF Improved overall stability of the camera Support for Radio-controlled Lighting System Improves stability of the camera while shooting still images by regulating the internal temperature Overall stability and operability of the camera is improved. I can't say I've noticed any particular change in the way the camera operates. The one function i'd like to be able to customise is the "APS-C/Super 35mm" to be able to change quickly. I don't think you can do it yet, or at least I haven't found out how to. I hope it's in the next update, if there is one.
  3. My eyes aren’t as good as they used to be; varifocals aren’t ideal. And I struggle trying to hold the fine USB cable and solder without burning myself!!
  4. Is the 10p-400 and 2x converter combination one that will work with my camera?
  5. Hi, I have a Sony ILCE-7RM2 and FE 100-400 f/4.5-f/5.6 G OSS. I'd like to get the 2x converter, however the looking at Sony's compatibility tables the two aren't 100% compatible. The information provided says: Focal plane phase detection AF cannot be used, so Contrast AF will operate. Aperture values over 64 in the Exposure Setting Guide will not be displayed correctly. Whilst I'm not too bothered about the second point, I don't fully understand the first. Does this mean that Auto Focus won't work properly and am I going to be disappointed with the results? The main purpose I utilise the lens for is wildlife, mainly birds. Thanks,
  6. Good Morning Chrissie, I've looked at the AX-5 and added it to my 'Wish List'. The only reason I was trying to convert the Timer was to re-cycle old kit and I thought changing the cable would be an easy option, I was obviously wrong. After I started the thread I changed the Pentax cable and replaced it with a micro-USB that I'd been using to connect the camera to the Mac and had been using 'Imaging Edge' to control the camera from the Mac. I soldered the red and black cables as a direct replacement and then tried each of the others to see what happened; nothing. I think the easiest option would be to buy the AX-5. Thanks,
  7. I managed to successfully convert a Canon TC-80N3 Timer remote to work with my Pentax K3 by changing the cable from a Canon to Pentax 2.5mm Jack plug. I'm hoping to convert the same remote by changing the Pentax cable for a Sony. I've become stuck. There are four coloured cable in the USB cable; Red and Black are obvious the +ve and ground supplies, but what I don't know is the Green and White. I assume one is for Focus and the other is Shutter release, but which is which? Can anyone help please? Thanks,
  8. I don’t know why Sony has to make the body of the FE 100-400mm lens the colour scheme it is? The main use I’m putting it to is the photography of wildlife; we’re touring Namibia next year and the other is Astronomy; mainly the Moon and Sun (through a Thousand Oaks solar filter). Surely a better colour would be same as the shorter focal length lenses. Consequently, I’m looking to buy a protective covering for the lens. Searching the Internet and the two main options seem to be Lenscoat and Rolanpro; these seem to be priced in the range £70-£90. There is another option, which is priced at £40, or so. All are neoprene. Is it a case of ‘you get what you pay for’? Any suggestions, or advice would be appreciated.
  9. When I tried I found that 'PlayMemories Home' opened and that couldn't see the camera. I had to remove it from the computer and executed the application called 'SystemSoftwareUpdater' in the 'Resources' folder of the downloaded file. As for using a USB hub; that didn't cause any issues.
  10. Here's a picture I tool some time ago of the moon with my FE 100-400mm. It was hand held; 400mm ISO 1,000 1/2,000 f/5.6. I want to get the 2x converter for both Astronomy and Wildlife; we're off to Namibia next year and I was intending to use the 100-400mm in conjunction with the 2x converter.
  11. Christie, That was going to be my next step! I run a Windows virtual machine for some of the Windows based Astronomy applications I use that I don’t want to re-purchase for the Mac; mainly because the replacement cost. (I did ask a couple of suppliers if I could transfer my Windows licence, but they were none to keen) Now I’ve updated the camera and lens firmware successfully I’ll be more aware of what to do next time. Man thanks,
  12. I've solved the problem! I thought I'd look into the problem a bit deeper. I had been clicking the 'UpdatSettingTool' as suggested by the Sony Corporation. This is what wasn't working. In the sae folder as that application is a folder entitled 'Resources' and in there is an application called 'SystemSoftwareUpdater' and upon clicking that the the update process started. My question is; why on Earth hide the application in the 'Resources' folder and not link it the 'UpdatSettingTool' in the top level of the folder? Am I the first person to spot this, or are owners not updating their firmware? (Or do they already know from previous experience?) I had the same problem when I tried to update my lens firmware a few months ago. I've just gone through the same process with that and whoopee-do...that worked as well. I shall sleep happy tonight.
  13. Hi there, I noticed before going on holiday that there was an update to the firmware form my ILCE-7RM2. I didn't want to update before going away in case I ran into any problems. This morning I deided to update firmware. I followed the instructions on the Sony web site. When I click in the 'Updater' file it fails to start. I tried several times to no avail. I'm running a MAC with the latest OS, mac OS Mojave version 10.15.5. I tried searching the Sony website for a solution, but have drawn a blank. As I have an old Windows laptop I thought I try the Windows version on the update on that and hey presto!!; it's worked first time. Can anyone help with the problem I have with the Mac OS version? The laptop is fine, but a bit frustrating that I can't use the Mac for the updates? Thanks in advance,
  14. Here's a picture I tool this afternoon of Sunspots AR2740 & AR2740 using my Sony ILCE-7RM2 and FE 100-400 f/4.5-f/5.6 GM OSS. The lens was zoomed to 400mm and the camera setting 1/2000s at f/8. I use a Thousand Oaks solar filter to cut down the brightness of the sun.
  15. Hi, Thanks. I tried several combinations of exposure and aperture before I got that result. I found that leaving the camera on auto wasn’t an option. I’m trying to take a photo through my Lunt solar telescope, but the T-mount adapter I have doesn’t allow me to get to the focus point. I’ve just ordered a ‘slimmer’ T-adapter that’s specifically designed for astrophotography. I’ll post any results.......If they’re successfull!!
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