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  1. *sighs* Yes the Sony App is pretty poor (and the ratings in the Marketplace echo this). You can get the app to exchange GPS fairly reliably on the later Android OS versions (Not sure about IOS).. The trick (once you get the damn app to perform the initial setup which is problematic as well) for Android users is to make sure that the Sony Play Memories app is set to not being Battery Optimised then when you turn on the camera, manually wake your phone (for me I double tap on the screen) and the app will exchange GPS information and you can see the map icon light up in a few seconds.. This seems to only work if the phone also has a cellular network connection.. I don't know WHY Sony would need a cellular network when you can let the OS do this but I can only hope who ever is working on the new Sony app has a better basic understanding of app development (or better still they outsource it to a developer who has experience)! I hope this helps, I got it mostly working now..
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