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  1. Hello. I am a new user of the a6300. I have 2 bodies, 1 of which will have the 18-135 lens and the second which will have the 70-400G attached via the LA-EA4 convertor. I will be shooting mainly wildlife, from a vehicle, with the camera and lens resting on a bean bag. My question/s are, what are the best settings to use on both set ups? On my previous a350 set ups I used the "sport" setting with the iso set to 800..Many thanks for your time in reading and for any replies. Mike
  2. Hello all, new member to the forum but have been using Sony for the last 12 years or so. Started with 2 x a100 bodies with a 75-300 kit lens and a 70-400 G Mk 1. Moved onto 2 x a350 bodies about 4 years ago. Have had a couple of screens "go" on the a350's, so took the decision to upgrade. Have just been to collect 2 x a6300 bodies, along with a new 18-135 lens and a LA-EA4 e fitting to a lens converter. Mainly shoot wildlife in Kruger Safari Park, so looking forward to getting used to the new camera's and hopefully improving my results. Thanks for the time in reading. Mike '
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