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  1. Thanks, it turned out I had to update this app
  2. maybe i should give my problem a closer look. the thing is i need to take a pic of night sky (stars trails) with exposure time about 1.5h. i know my battery won't last so long so i'm looking for solution to either extend working time of battery or get rid of manual remote control, because i have onlyUSB and HDMI plug in my camera, and for those devices i can use onyl USB port. So i assumed the cheapest and the easiest way is to find an app to let me control time exposure from my smartphone... unfortunately playmemorise app doesn't have htis feature...
  3. I know but I need to connect both powerbank and cable release. They have the same plug in - USB...
  4. So there is no other app that can do it? Even unofficial
  5. Hi, I want to ask if there is a way to switch on BULB mode on my a6300 using PlayMemories App? I cannot find this feature in my app...
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