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  1. Last post and I'm embarrassed to say this but deserve the shame. The lens was not on all the way. Needed some more twisting to click in. I noticed the auto focus was not working, twisted a bit more and now 10x better picture quality and everything works,
  2. Thanks for the advice. By some divine miracle I grab the camera to test today and all the dots are gone. Updated firmware and all seems good. Have no idea what caused it or what fixed it
  3. Any advice on how to get this repaired would be appreciate, I may be totally boned. Long story short I purchased this new on Ebay from a reputable seller, however I see now they are not covered under the Sony Warrenty. My sister decided to wait 7 months before even testing this camera out. It can't be returned to that seller for that reason and is not covered under warranty. Totally boned and am really upset but this it what has happened. If anyone knows what the actual issue or defect may be , if there is anything else I should test please let me know so I can have some more knowledge to see if I can get this thing fixed somehow
  4. Yeah worst case that was the option, was just hoping I may have missed something. This is unfortunate.
  5. I will give it a try today. It's literally a brand new camera out of the box I don't know how it could be dust. The issue showed on the screen before I put the lens on. When viewing images it is not there. I'm going to try updated the firmware and will try this today.
  6. Hi, I apologize for my first post being support was not sure where else to go. I don't know much about camera however purchased my sister a Sony A7RIII. We followed the manual to start it up set up the date and time then noticed there are 5 major dots on the screen(1 red and 4 white), similar to what a dead pixel would look like. They are on the LCD panel and also in the viewfinder. The camera is brand new and the Tamron 28-75mm f/2.8 lens we purchased for it is brand new. I assumed dead pixels however it is on both the lcd and the viewfinder, also the dots to not appear on the screen when viewing photos that were taken. I tried googling but was not certain what the problem is. We have not updated the firmware yet since we did not have time, any idea of what the problem could be? Photo's below(sorry picture of my knee is not the best. One is on the lcd and the other is in the viewfinder)
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