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  1. Well, all the batteries are original and charger is original. The worse ones could be older... The A7 one is definitely newer.
  2. Ok, so I have updated information. I charged them all to 100%, and used them until they were empty.I then took the battery off, put it back again and saw the % remaining on each one. I have 5 batteries. 3 of them went out at around 35%, one at 19% and the A7 one at 14%. The A7 one is newer, but it is weaker (it is also lighter). The NEX ones are 1080maH and the A7 one is 1020maH. They all lasted from around 50min to 1h10min recording video. It looks like the batteries are half dead... What do you think?
  3. Hi, amongst a few NEX and an A7ii, I own a VG20. Does anyone know if I can power it with power banks? I do it with the others with a dummy battery, but I can't find it for the VG20. Thanks
  4. Well, thanks for your answer. I will do that. Try all batteries on two different cameras, but it will take me a while... I use these for video and I'm using power banks to power them, but having batteries is always nice
  5. So, Chrissie, what do you think might be happening? Maybe the batteries are telling me they are over?
  6. I have a couple NEX cameras, a 7 and a 5, that's where I got my other batteries from. So basically you are saying they are uncalibrated, right? Is there a way to calibrate them?
  7. Hi guys, I'm using my A7ii, and when the battery gets to about 50% the drained battery symbol comes up. After a bit it turns off. I take the battery, put it in again, and it shows 40%. After a minute, the symbol comes up again and it shuts off 3 or 4 minutes later. I take the battery again, put it back and it shows 35%, then symbol, then turns off. I have more batteries, and it's always the same. What can it be? Thanks
  8. Hello guys, I need to use the A7ii for video, and the batteries are very very weak. I bought a dummy battery, with 2 USB plugs, which I want to plug in to powerbanks, or external battery units. I tried with a powerbank which I had lying around, with the following specs: Capacity: 3000mah - battery is 1020mah Output: 800mah 5v - battry is 7.2v... IS THIS A PROBLEM? I tried and it works, I recorded several videos, but a couple of times the camera switched off. PANIC! It looks like it switches off when I move the camera around, but it is not a question of bad contacts, I tested everything. Could it be the low quality of the powerbank? This powerbank is a cheap one. I also thought of using NP-F sony batteries, with an adapter. Is this a good idea? Thanks for any help.
  9. Hello guys, I own an A7ii, which I use for video. Thanks
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