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  1. All sorted now. Took it back to John Lewis and they exchanged it instantly. Not only that, they price matched with themselves and gave me £180. I've also just received my £300 cashback from Sony.
  2. Liveshots - so yours does this when only body cap in place, yes?
  3. tinplater perhaps. Never really touched the AF/MF switch, nor reassigned it. Only to try to replicate problem. Will delve further.....
  4. Hi Liveshots No, not focus peaking, but I can see why you might think that from my dumb description. I first noticed this when I put the lens & adapter on - the lens cap was still on by the way, so no focusing going on. In fact, just turning the camera on with a body cap in place produces the same result. See pretty poor video 20190216_191147_1.mp4
  5. HI When attaching a manual lens via an adapter to my A6500, I get a multitude of multi-coloured, blinking pixels on the lcd screen. These are also visible through the viewfinder. When using a native Sony lens, this 'display' shows up briefly when the AF/MF button is pressed. I have had the camera three weeks and never noticed this on my previous A6000 so I'm guessing this isn't the norm. Anybody encountered this? Rgds
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