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  1. I did more test and when shooting jpeg images doesn't change, When shooting RAW+ JPEG it also doesn't change when zooming. Only in Raw it changes saturation. So it's firmware glitch.
  2. sony a7iii color shift when viewing images in camera and zooming (like WB balance changes or more loosing saturation a bit). is it normal? here's video of the problem: https://www.facebook.com/reallukx/videos/2154122024665196/ Is it a glitch in new firmware?
  3. Yes I admit it is probably GAS and I'm trying to fight it as hard as possible and make rational decision To be honest the thing that scares me the most is more and more shutter fail cases surfacing all over the facebook a7iii groups. But what I'm curious the most is if AF in a9 is much much better than in a7iii? The real time tracking AF option especially makes me curious if it could help tremendously in wedding scenario?
  4. So...for quite some time im struggling with idea if its wise to sell my a7iii and get a9. Cost for switching for me would be 2000$ (im from Europe so prices are higher than in US). I want best body for weddings, landscapes, street photography quite a bit of studio work a bit of birds. No extreme speed sports etc. But also the rumors of new a9ii make me hesitate if switch now is good idea. But the realyime autofocus tracking in a9 really makes me wonder if its not a good idea to switch. Whats your take on this?
  5. hours ago Sorry for silly question but I recently switched to Sony A7III and noticed that even after just playing with menus it's getting warm especially bottom part of the body and when taking out the sd card it's also warm. Is it normal for Sony?
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