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  1. Hey guys I have a sony a6000 and I notice that I get shaky and unsteady vids. I decided I wanted to get a gimbal then I see how expensive they are (nothing under $200 bucks or so yikes) then I started look at stabilizers. Problem with stabilizers for me is there so bulky. I'm wondering if something what I describe exists? I want to find something as portable and compact like a gimbal with a joystick. But with the price of a stabilizer (under 100 bucks) I will post pics of examples of what I like maybe you guys can give me some ideas. Basically the best way I can describe what I'm looking for is like a selfie stick that extends and you can easily hold it low to the ground to get good low shots and hold it up high to get higher shots, with a joystick to control the camera. That's small and compact. I dont want to look like a guy on a swat team with big over the shoulder equipment or take up a bunch of space looking awkward shooting regular vids in public with people staring at me. The kicker is I need it to be small, portable, very steady and get rid of shaky-ness when shooting, and under $100. Any ideas or suggestions? First pic is the size and style I like with the joystick. 2nd pic is an over the shoulder rig that I like also and its very well priced but its just so bulky and awkward looking for casual vlogging and stuff like that.
  2. THanks for replying. I actually have that kit lens. But I bought some really cheap (used) lenses that I was able to get to work with an adapter. Problem is I get so much shaky-ness EVEN with my kit lens with stablization when recording video. People are telling me step up to a gimbal? Whats the best budget friendly, but good stablization or gimbal to help with my video recording? Thanks in advance.
  3. Hey guys I'm new here and just got my first "real camera" sony a6000. I have some manual lenses that I bought and was able to find adapters for them online. But I noticed the manual lenses shake too much when I do video. Is there an adapter or something I can use to stabilize the shakiness of recording video with these lenses? Maybe something like a stabilizing adapter that connects to the a6000 and to the lens? Not sure if they have it or if its worth it. But thanks in advance?
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