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  1. Memory settings and understanding it is clear. I already set 1 for Landscape, 2 for portraits and people, 3 for actionand sports... I still don't know how to adjust/add shooting mode - shutter speed - aperture - steady shoot. I tried to find where to add them... I couldn't find... It is not about how to change the values / settings during shooting... It is about I can't fib those sttings at the beginning to set/store all values which I want !
  2. Thank you so much darhiggins for yor reply and time... I succeed to save the setting by memory feature. But couldn't adjust : Shooting Mode (A, S, P), f value (for example 11 for landscape), a spesific shutter speed (for action or sports for example) and Steady Shot... Watched some of Mar Galer's videos... Very helpful hints there. But he explains as he already knows everything. Not enough simple as fool-proofs For example, when I adjust the settings for memory recalls, I still don't know if I need to make adjustments at desired memory recall button (1-2-3) or is it ok if I do them at M or A or S or P and then save by Memory feature. This is not explained anywhere on Mark Galer or Camera manual or other videos and tips pages.... For people who are gurus it is a simple thing, for others it is a difficult thing to find out ... What a pity manuals are like encyclopedias...
  3. Hello, I assigned all nacessary adjustment on camera mode dial C1-2-3 on my A7R3 except silent shooting at C2. I switch the dial to C2 and put the silent shooting mode ON. It takes picture at silent shooting until I change the dial to another mode and when I am back to C2 silent shooting mode is OFF. Same when I switch the camera OFF and when it is back ON, silent shooting mode is not ON any more at C2 mode ! What am I missing? I think adjusting the silent shooting mode ON is not enough to keep it SAVED forever. May be I need to SAVE it somehow and I can't do it. Thanks
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