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  1. Thank you Dee and thank you Pieter ! The lens is on the plain now on the way back home. Pieter seems to know much about this but did not give me much help... but never mind ! Have a nice week end all of you !
  2. Thank you for replying Dee ! Have a good evening ! Oh ! One more. 6500 + S 85 ! Beautiful !
  3. Perhaps Deeliciouz, perhaps ... But do nit let yourself take away by forums and publicity. Be careful. I made a mistake with this 100 GM One more thing: all hight quality lens are heavy and sometimes bulky. Even on m4/3 The Sony 85 f/1.8 is also great Here with the Sony A6500 So is the 24mm GM or even the 135 ! this two shots with 7III
  4. Thank you Deelicious for your comments ! The max aperture of this lens is 5.6 and... My wife has a A 6500 + Sony 85mm f/1.8 and I have made some shots with it, when it arrived home. She also has a zoom but a "poor" one only for travel purposes, the Sony 18-135 f/3.5-5.6 She is as demanding as I am in image quality terms... but the weight is important to be kept low in certain circumstances. I am going to send back the 100 GM. I asked if I could, and it's OK. And what am I going to get instead ? A Sony SEL FE Full Frame Sonnar T* 55mm f/1.8 ZA ! I think it is good for everyday
  5. Thank you Pieter ! It's OK but you could give me some tips on how to take the best out of this exquisite lens... Thank you !
  6. OK Pieter I do accept my limitation. Let's see tomorrow what I can do with the 135 f/1.8 GM and we will see how the camera behaves. Better: which mistakes I do with this combo. All my fault I know. Thank you for commenting. Have a nice week-end
  7. Excuse me, but that is a very poor excuse. As I have also bought the 135mm GM I will see what I can get with 1.8 or 2.8 or whatever in this very scenario/place. Tomorrow ! Have I been trapped by Sony ? We will see. But what I see so far is very sad.
  8. I am a bit frustrated with the A7 III + 100 GM Working with a GM lenses and limiting the ISO to 5.000 the results are not spectacular but rather modest, instead. Look at the quantity of noise in this image which I enlarged to 2:1. Isn't that huge ? I accept that it is supposed to be my own problem because I don't photograph correctly. I still have the Oly 5 Mk II with also great lenses. This Sony, with this lens is not better that the Oly with the 42.5 f/1.4. Perhaps it's only me. Am I being too demanding ???
  9. and also like myself ! 😀 thank you Pieter for the comment !
  10. I have a small problem which I am sure you guys, can help me in no time. I bought a Sony A7 III along with a 100mm GM. As usual, I shoot A priority. Today, I mounted the lens for the first time and was very surprised when I could not adjust the aperture using the dial in the camera. The ring was at the A position on the lens but I couldn't go under f/5.6. I have Googled a bit but couldn't find a way to turn this around. Thank you !
  11. If you have one to sell, with or without lens, if you are in Europe and can send it to Portugal e-mail me, please. Thank you !
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