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  1. Using A7RIII and Sony GM 24-70mm in manual mode when I flip the AF-MF switch on the lens to MF, the peaking is on automatically? Where is the setting to change this function? -Henry
  2. Is there a setting where I can half-depress the shutter release while capturing the focus in the center square and then move the frame holding that focus area? It seems if I half-depress for focus and then move the frame, the focus just resets to whatever area is in the center? TIA Henry
  3. I purchased a SmallHD OLED Focus for my A7lll. I like many things about it, but having issues with using AF in 4K Movie mode. I know it is not supposed to work. The odd thing is I did have working AF and tracking while in 4K Movie and with the HDMI external monitor, but then for some reason it stopped. The AF toggles on/off when you plug and unplug the ext HDMI monitor. I started reading about the Atamos Ninja V and it sounds lile quite a great option, when you add in the cost of cables and SSD's, it is considerably more than the SmallHD. What other options are out there to consider? External HDMI monitors, primarily for 4K Movie mode, but not exclusively? And yes, it sure would be great if I can still use AF tracking. Appreciate any thoughts on the topic. Henry
  4. Thanks. I always feel that if you dont have something to add to a conversation you are better off just listening. I appreciate the recommendation to read the manual. I find in general the Sony menu system, specifically the focus menus and controls to be a bit overwhelming. Call me old school, I grew up in the photo chemical world and th0ought I love using my Alpha, I rely on help from other users for a lot in information. Again, I appreciate any response, but find the productive ones a bit easier to stomach. Thanks very much Henry
  5. How do I turn on/off the focus mode square within a square on the evf?
  6. I recently purchased a refurb A7lll on Amazon. I was unable to get continuous auto focus with a flexible spot to track while in movie mode. I was trying on Canon 16-36 Mk II and Canon 24-70 Mk II a Sony 50mm FE E-Mount and a Samyang 35 E-Mount. The the Canons using a metabones Mk V adapter. On the Canons the AF would constantly search and chatter, quite a large spread, out to infinity (and beyond) and back, never locking on at all. On the Samyang it would not even search, the flexible box would come up, but the focus did not even attempt to search or lock.The camera came at firmware 1.10. I upgraded it to the latest (2.10), but it made no difference. Everything else appears to be functioning correctly. I am replacing the body thru Amazon, but in preparation would love some help on how to best diagnose where the issue lies if it persists with a new body. Thanks very much for you help.
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