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  1. Somewhere I read something that said with e-shutter or first-curtain e-shutter bursts only the first shot was counted. I normally use the latter on my A9 and the shutter count given in EXIF is way lower than the shots taken.
  2. When the pro cameras can expect to last half a mil clicks, your body has discovered the secret of eternal youth. Or the number is wrong.
  3. Pacific Black ducks enliven a cold dull morning. Australia. A9 & FE 200-600mm
  4. Went on a pelagic cruise - a day out to the edge of the continental shelf on the Southern ocean. Shot 3,300 frames. In firmware 4.0 I don't think expanded flexible spot is as good as Lock-on AF. This is a Shy Albatross - wingspan up to 2.5m. A9, 100-400mm & 1.4 TC
  5. Would you be willing to measure the height of the thick section? I bought the Sony version but it's not tall enough for my paws.
  6. Looking forward to seeing how Sony works. I've shot Nikon for 10 months. They lost me with the Z offerings - where's the innovation?
  7. Hope you don't mind a repost from the introductions thread ... Nikon D500 & 200-500mm. Waiting for the Sony to arrive.
  8. Thank you for your welcome ☺️ and for the BiF heads-up. I'll certainly pay a visit.
  9. G'day all. I've been shooting a lot of Nikon with birds but don't see a future with Nikon mirrorless so am taking a look at the A9 and 100-400mm GM. With a Panasonic G9 in the kit as well I've seen what a difference 20 fps with no blackout makes. Birdlife is prolific here Down Under so there's no lack of subjects. Even so, I like to say that good bird shots are given, not taken. Cheers, Ziggy Brown Falcon ...
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