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  1. Perfect, thank you 👍 Live view is pretty sluggish in film mode, is that usual?
  2. HI, I have bought the A7 III and i just don't get how to use it in film mode? I've been shooting filming with the 24mm f1,4 all night and i had no idea if people were in focus or not. My problem is i don't understand how to use it to get auto focus in film mode. I try all settings but i still seem to be stuck in some semi-manual mode. It's ok for stills, aim with back focus and shoot. But when i switch to film i can't seem to be able to set focus on persons or things. What would be the best basic steps to set up my camera and best practice to use it for focus. How should i think, set up the camera and use it? Worst part is that the focus assist is grey when not pushing back focus (green) and it's very hard to see where focus is set. Please give me your best newbie tips 😃 Thanks / Johny
  3. Hi, Just got my A7 III 😃 Are there any way to turn off the red blinking light and beep sound when doing bracketing shots? I've tried everything but it keeps blinking and beeping. It's the opposite to stealth mode when you suddenly appears beeping and blinking there in the dark ☹️ Thanks
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