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  1. Hey SonyAlpha - First time poster...Just found the subreddit and I've spent hours reading previous posts. Life changing! I have, sort of, general questions about noise reduction that I can't seem to get a simple answer on. I know there are so many variables that come into play when talking about noise, but I'm hoping to get some general guidance. Hopefully, I'm not downvoted into oblivion. Something I've always struggled with since owning my Sony a6000 (About 3 years now) is noise in my photos. I came from a Canon 60D and never really had a problem with the noise I deal with now. My guess is that's because I went from a full frame sensor to APS-C and that is the tradeoff you get when going mirrorless. But, I've never had anyone confirm this. Here's a classic example: It was early morning and in my backyard I saw an owl. Holy Shi%*^&! - So I grab my camera and my SEL18200. I end up getting roughly 20 feet away and I snap this shot: https://imgur.com/2A4Q5LA (left is orginal, right is after post) I pretty much always shoot in auto, especially in situations like this, when time is of the essence. Exposure: 1/60 at f/6.3 Focal Length: 200mm ISO: 3200 Lens: E 18-200mm F3.5-6.3 OSS I was pretty disappointed with this shot because of the noise. It became really problematic when I started to bring out the colors and contrast in Lightroom. I feel like I'm always making this compromise with my photos. So, my questions: Do you all think I'm overreacting? In other words, are you saying, "Dude, welcome to the world of mirrorless, get used to it."? Could it be lenses? I notice many of you rock the Zeiss lenses. I have all Sony (SEL35F18, SEL16F28, SEL18200), but maybe I should add an FE or Zeiss lens to ensure a crisper shot? Perhaps, as always, it's just lighting? Are you thinking, "Dude..Learn how to use your camera...I would've never shot that scene with those settings."? Finally, thanks for the awesome subreddit...This is amazing. If you want to check out my other shots, take a look at my Flickr (most are shot with the a6000) - I've been a hobbyist for over a decade:
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