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  1. My experience recently wasn't well at all. I live in Barcelona (Spain) and I'm a full time photographer. Month ago I've faced the problem with IBIS when it works incorrectly and there is "Camera error switch off and on" after 15 minutes of use. I've contacted with Sony Spain and after a few unsuccessful manipulations they told me to send my 8 month old A7III to the official repair service which is located in Madrid. Okay, I've done this on 27th of December and received the camera yesterday IN EVEN WORSE CONDITIONS than it was before. It's said that they've replaced the IBIS, After the fist attempt to switch it on there were horrible noises coming from IBIS and the sensor was jumping around. After few more attempts IBIS just falls down after switching camera on and I have the same error as before. It's unbelievable. How can you rely on a camera when it breaks after 8 months and the only one existing repair service apparently doesn't even check the camera before sending it back to the customer...
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