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    AmandaD513 reacted to Thomas.h in Morning fog rolling in   
    I went out to capture a sunrise. Instead I found this.
    Shot with A7RII, Sony 70-200 F4. Polariser and 0.9 softgrad filter.
    f11 1/1000 200m ISO100
    Gesendet von meinem MHA-L29 mit Tapatalk
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    AmandaD513 reacted to Erk1024 in Chilly Foggy Bay Bridge   
    I was hoping for a sunrise on a pre-dawn morning on a visit to the Bay Area. Instead I got a swarm of mosquitos and a foggy morning. I left disappointed, but back home I decided I liked the mood. 
    Sony A7r2 - 8sec exposure, f/11, ISO-50
    Sony 55mm f/1.8 

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    AmandaD513 reacted to Chasrazvrata in Moonrise at mountaineering camp   
    Rokinon 12/2.0
    ISO 1600
    10 frames at 10 sec shutter speed
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    AmandaD513 reacted to Singingsnapper in Sunset at Santa Monica   
    Handheld Pano from Santa Monica Pier this evening...
    Sony A7RIII FE 24 - 70 f/2.8GM

    Sanata Monica Pano by singingsnapper, on Flickr
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