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  1. Hello All! A few years ago I decided to get back into photography and decided after much research to jump in on the mirrorless boat, grabbing myself an a6300 and a few lenses. I recently realized that there is a surprising lack of photobooth rental companies in my area, and I'm thinking of pursuing this as a side gig! That being said, I am starting to find that I may have chosen the wrong camera for this purpose as the tethering capabilities aren't that great (or rather, photobooth software companies don't develop for Sony.) Has anyone made this particular setup work? I'd rather not drop money on a Canon/Nikon DSLR just for my photobooth. So far I've gotten it to work in lightroom, where it can drop the image I just took onto a background, but I have to manually print. This is a lot of extra work that should be handled by software. plus it doesn't have that "photoboothy" feel, where the person pushes a button to start the process. I'm interested to hear some feedback!
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