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  1. It depends on what profile you use. Slog has a minimum of 800, Cine of 200 if I'm recalling right. Other profiles have a minimum of 100 so just check those out.
  2. Hello everyone, I'm figuring out what settings I want to shoot with for my next video projects. I have the A7III and i'm in a PAL country and so I wish to use PAL, but NTSC just seems to give more frame rate options (24/30/60/120 NTSC vs 25/50/100 PAL). Now there is one thing I don't understand. For slowmotion, in NTSC you have a 5 times slowmotion (120fps at a 24fps timeline) versus 4 times slowmotion on PAL (100fps at a 25fps timeline). If the camera can shoot 120fps, it shouldn't be that hard to implant 125fps for PAL??? Does anyone know more about this? I would love to hear it! Best regards, Lars The Netherlands
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