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  1. With adapter still in place, the batt no longer goes flat when canon lens removed. It was my f2.8 70-20mm Canon lens with x 2 adapter. I'm going to see if it's only a problem with that lens & x2 & try other lenses I have. Don't have any native ones.
  2. I'm reading on other forums people find Fotodiox Canon lens adapter flattens their battery. So I'm going to see if batt OK with lens removed. Then if not by actually removing adapter.
  3. At present I'm not using it. Just turning it on once a day for a few seconds to check charge level & it's dropping about 15% a day ! Will let you know how I get on with B&H or Sony. I guess to establish whether it's the batts or the camera at fault, I need to see if they go flat when not in the camera.
  4. Hello A couple of months ago I bought an A7III & batteries & going flat without me using it. Initially I thought it might be a quality issue with the Watson free extra battery that came with it. But the Sony battery also does the same. Loses about 20% charge a day with camera switched off. Any ideas? thanks
  5. Is it possible to live view viewfinder image via WiFi on a smart phone of computer ?
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