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  1. I have Sony a7riii but thought I can do bit more on video with a7sii. Currently using 35mm 2.8 Zeiss. I tried 24-70 2.8 g-master but very heavy for Ronin-m. Need some suggestion/opinions. Im thinking of 24mm 1.8 (seems it can only be used in apsc mode on a7s however) or 16-35 g-master (very pricey though). Good for low light a plus, Im using it for gym videos. Suggestions?
  2. Thanks Chrissie! Yes that’s exactly it. I adjusted the most it could and yet still a bit top heavy. I will need to try out an external batt. pack like suggested. Thanks
  3. I picked up a Sony A7Sii just for video. Due to the battery life I tried out a battery grip on the Ronin M gimbal. It’s feels awkward because of the extra height. Any suggestions, use/not use or balancing on the gimbal?
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