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  1. Hello to all, As I come from Nikon System I found the AF system of A7III too complicated (what a surprise). Can anyone from here suggest a guide about the AF or even better suggested uses. I tried some testing shots and all of my images were in best case soft and some of them out of focus. The manual is horrible also.....
  2. Thank you for the answer. IT's trully strange. Parhaps an e-mail to Adobe will answer this....😂
  3. Hello to all, Recently I purchased the a7iii and after some test-shootings I tried to convert the .arw image in .dng format through Adobe DNG Converter (so far so good). After the convertion I realized that despite the size of the original image (47mb), the new dng image was 24mb. Have anyone else noticed that or this was my mistake in Adobe DNG Converter? P.S: I need this convertion cause i still use photoshop cs6 with adobe camera raw 6..6. Thank you in advance
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