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  1. Just jumped to Sony from Nikon. With my A7R-3 I got the 24-105 f4. In doing some testing outdoors on a tripod at 24mm, 50mm, and 105mm at all f stops, I am seeing the following: Little to no falloff at all aperatures - Wow. 24mm - f4 very sharp across the frame, best performance at f8, quality drops off significantly at f16, terrible at f22 50mm and 105, same as above, not quite as bad at f22 My concern is that I cannot go to F16 or F22 to improve DOF. At 24mm, where this would be most helpful, the image in really not usable. Do others have a simliar experience, or is this just the way it is with this lens.
  2. Just jumped from Nikon to a Sony A7R 3. Love silent shooting. The title says it all... any down side to silent shooting all the time?
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