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  1. Thanks for the feedback and thanks for taking the time to watch!
  2. Hey guys! Hope everyone is staying safe. I thought I'd share this from a trip to India! Let me know your thoughts and enjoy! Sony A7III - INDIA
  3. These are some moments we captured on our last day in India during the Holi festival in Vrindavan. More to come from this trip! We had an exhilarating time celebrating with the people there! Everyone was amazing and the rush we got from being apart of this celebration was like no other! We had a short time there but everything came to us at a rapid pace. Hope you all enjoy this!
  4. Thanks a lot! A friend told me about this forum! Glad I joined!
  5. This film was mostly shot on the A6500. Maui is an amazing place and this was our first visit. Thanks for watching!
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