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  1. I find all these settings confusing. I set the exposure setting to 30p 50M, but I don't know what the shutter speed of the camera should be set to? Can someone provide a source with which I could learn the basics of how to use this camera? I'm having trouble with image blur because I don't have these settings right and I don't know where to find the information. YouTube videos are extremely confusing because they're made for people who already know this information. Sincerely.
  2. I bought the Sony A7iii about a year ago but haven't actually used it that much since I was still using my Canon. Now I want to get serious and learn how to effectively use it, and I just bought 2 lenses for quite a bit of money - The Tamron 28-75 and the Sony 20mm f/1.8. I'm frustrated with little things, like if I'm in manual mode, why can't I see the imagine in the viewfinder reflect how the actual image will look when I take the picture? I noticed that I can increase the shutter speed and the image gets lighter, but when I decrease the shutter speed it will only darken down to a point and not go completely black. Why is that, and how do I fix it? Also, I see the needle showing the correct exposure on the bottom of the screen and it goes down to -2 stops and then it just disappears even though the numbers continue on for another 3 stops. I don't understand stuff like that because I'm used my my Canon, which doesn't do that. I will also need help in using my Godox 860 speed light effectively. I noticed on the flash settings some of the functions are greyed out and I don't know why. The most frustrating thing is not knowing so if anyone knows how to fix such things and would be willing to communicate with me on a more or less regular basis I would really appreciate that! I know this is an amazing camera but only if you know how to use it. Wolf
  3. I would keep the Sony A7Riii you have. I think it's very seldom that you would ever need 15 stops of dynamic range, and if you do you can still shoot them manually (on the odd time you would need that many). Just my opinion.
  4. Thank you Chrissie, this is actually very helpful! My computer is also new and the screen resolution is 5120 X 2880 on a 27" screen, so it makes sense that the image does not appear vey large. My other camera is a Canon with a crop sensor, and for a long time I was shooting jpeg files, which would explain why the images appeared much larger. I guess with jpeg files it's just a matter of changing the screen resolution of the image to make it bigger. I know a lot of these things must be common knowledge for most people who are into photography, but I'm still wrapping my head around it. I appreciate your information. I'm going to do some more tests regarding focus at various apertures, but it could be that shooting with a zoom lens is part of the problem. At this point I don't have the budget to invest in several prime lenses, and zoom lenses are very convenient.
  5. I recently got the camera and there is still a lot to learn. I always shoot RAW files and when I open them on a screen I'm surprised at how small they appear when viewed at 100%. I thought a 24MP image would appear huge, but it isn't. Also, I have done some tests with the camera on a tripod and I find the focus should be sharper. I use a 2 second timer so I'm not touching the camera and when viewed at 100% it just seems to me it should be sharper. For a full-frame camera and a Sony lens (28-70mm, 3.5 - 5.6) I was expecting more. Any suggestions?
  6. Thank you LiveShots, that was the problem. I don't know how that got turned off, but it's working again.
  7. I have an A7iii that I got about a month ago and there is a lot to learn. The touch screen for focusing was working fine up until a little while ago, then it stopped and I don't know why. The only thing I did different was change some settings so I can tether the camera to the computer, but the touch screen was still working until I unplugged the camera from the computer. Please advise, thanks
  8. I recently bought the Sony A7iii camera with the standard lens that it comes with, but I feel like the focus should be sharper than what I'm getting. I did a test with the camera on a trip-pod but I'm not getting the super-sharp focus I was expecting to get. Does a more expensive lens really make that big of a difference or could there be another issue?
  9. I have an A7iii and I assume all the Sony cameras use ARW RAW files. On my computer I have Sony Imaging Edge, PhotoShop and LightRoom. Can someone please direct me to where I can educate myself on how to open files and convert files to something I can work with in LightRoom and PhotoShop?
  10. Thanks thefsb. I looked at some of those videos and they are very good. I appreciate the suggestion.
  11. Thank you Chrissie for that amazing resource! I haven't looked at all of it yet but I will. And I don't think I was 'dumping'. I was just expressing frustration. LOL
  12. Can anyone please suggest how I can get the information to use this camera if the manual will not supply it? For example, the various functions of the MODE DIAL are not explained, with the exception of AUTO. Also, I have tried to do touch-screen focusing but it won't work, no matter what I do, and I've set the MENU options to ON. Please advise, thanks.
  13. Thanks adwb. It's unfortunate that a camera of this price range does not have the option to close the shutter when changing lenses. Since it's a mirrorless camera with silent shooting option, I'm not sure why there is a shutter in there at all.
  14. I am at the beginning stages of setting up the Sony A7iii and I noticed that the shutter is open. I would like to know how to close the shutter before I install the lens. This must be possible as the shutter would get dirty very quickly if it is always open. Please advise, thanks.
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