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  1. In the end I bought the adapter and lens works ok. I havent have time to try much because its season of blah weather so much rain and cloudy days...I will try it more when weather decide to cooperate little more and fill you with new information 😀
  2. This is how it looks: https://m.imgur.com/a/CsP8LSc It looks to me like this lens:
  3. Hello, I have became user of a6300 few days ago...I found this lens in attic and I was wondering if it can fit my a6300. Mount on this lens is m42 and I found adapter from m42 to e mount but I havent found that anyone has tried it yet. Does anyone of you have experience with m42 mount? Lens is made in Japan. I found there was few versions of same lens with different brand name(Rexatar, samyang). I dont have any experience and this would help me very much :)
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