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  1. chardinej

    Flying bird

    This is really nice. Beautiful colour and sharp. I would give more room on the left in the direction the bird is facing.
  2. Also very much as to do with the exposure. If exposure was optimal, then this image does look noisy. If you had to bring up the exposure, then perhaps it is expected. I have a a6500 and it is a great APS-C performer when it comes to noise.
  3. Given that raw development results do not vary hugely across software platforms, for me the deal breaker with C1 at the moment is the catalogue component. I absolutely need to be able to search across my whole catalogue and splitting it up into years or some other way, just makes no sense. I would give C1 a real try if I could import my 90,000 image catalogue from Lr, and have the same functionality.
  4. chardinej

    High-ISO and the a9

    When dealing with active subjects, the only way to stop their action is to use a fast shutter speed. Why not use the ISO to get you where you want to be? The a9 allows this. I have the a7RIII too and it does not perform as well as the a9 in this regard.
  5. chardinej

    High-ISO and the a9

    Set the a9 to Auto-ISO today just to try it out. I was photographing active subjects (small birds) and the light-level was so-so. Set the exposure mode to M and dialled in 1/1000s at f9- I had the 1.4tc on the Sony 100-400. This is the result. A beautiful female Red-breasted Nuthatch at ISO 25,600! I performed a little NR on the background in Lightroom but nothing special with the processing. Hope you like it.
  6. chardinej

    Photo cropping

    Depends on what you intend to do with the image. At 100% side by side, you would see a difference of course. The one taken with the 200mm lens would have a lot more detail. Printed small, or put up on the web, you would probably not see much if any difference.
  7. chardinej

    Full Size vs APS-C

    Depends on the pixel pitch/size/density.