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  1. Logical deduction would be that if I had read other post about this problem and still posted here, then those post did not offer a solution, just as you answer here was not about providing a solution, but about distracting away from the problem by trying to insinuate that the problem is not Sony's crappy programming, but my fault somehow because I am not happy with this magnificent piece of amazing SONY technology that is ruining my video with blown out audio. You Sony fanboys are absolutely useless at helping work through problems because you get your little feelings hurt anytime some mentions that there is a problem. If you don't have a solution, please do not respond. I came here for help to SOLVE the problem, not to argue with you about whether the problem exists. Get back on course or, Goodbye.
  2. I am not sure you even understand what the problem is. And there are hundreds of other posts online like mine complaining about this issue. Here is a quote from my original post, " But if there is a period of silence, the camera boosts the sensitivity of the mic way up, then when the sound starts again it is super loud and then starts to slowly go back to a normal level." How you got that I wanted "Total Silence" from that statement, I do not know. I will try to explain it clearer so that hopefully you will not get the exact opposite idea than what I am trying to convey. Say you are doing a recording of you talking into the front of the camera. So you are talking and everything is fine, but then you stop talking for 10 or 20 seconds and then start !TALKING AGAIN AND THE SOUND IS WAY TO LOUD AND PEAKING BAD! But then starts to taper down as you continue talking until it gets back to a normal volume level. It is clear that the camera as some function that is BOOSTING the sensitivity of the microphone during periods of silence searching for sound. This function is called GAIN and is referred to Auto Gain Compensation, or AGC, and is performed by a device called a "Compressor". The purpose of this function is to keep sound levels even in an environment in which incoming sound levels are variable. Think of a speaker on stage that is walking around while leaving the mic on the stand, moving closer and farther from the mic. So there is a purpose for this type of function, but the need for it is extremely limited and rare. In most cases, this function is not needed and it makes sense that Sony would have provided a way to disable it, for the majority of the cases where it is not needed. I am looking for how to turn it off. Just to be clear. I don't want total silence, I DON'T WANT TO BE SCREAMED AT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BY MY RECORDINGS
  3. Yeah, I saw that in the manual too, but as usual with this useless manual, it throws out these terms like "Limiter" without giving any explanation as to what the heck it is or what it does. It's like going to the doctor and being told you have "Dermatographism" and the doctor walks away without telling you what dermatographism is, leaving you to think you are dying. But the useless manual aside, I cannot believe that any intelligent person in their right mind would design such a counterproductive feature that ruins the audio without providing a way to turn it off. I have used dozens of video cameras in my life and NEVER had this kind of problem. There a lot of things to love about this a6500, but if there is no way to turn this crazy AGC thing off, Sony just lost a lot of respect in my mind.
  4. When I am recording video, as long as there is constant noise, the audio stays normal. But if there is a period of silence, the camera boosts the sensitivity of the mic way up, then when the sound starts again it is super loud and then starts to slowly go back to a normal level. If I am not mistaken, what is causing this is a digital compressor, which I believe is called AGC (Audio Gain Compensation). Essentially, it is trying to equalize the sound by adjusting the sensitivity of the mic according to the changes in sound level it is hearing. I just want to turn this function off completely. I have gone through the menu on the a6500 dozens of times and I can't find any setting that controls the AGC function. Does anyone know how to turn it off?
  5. I have posted to this forum a few times and have noticed that there is very little traffic and interaction on this forum. So, either there are just very few people interested in Sony Alpha APS-C cameras, or they are not using this forum and are going somewhere else. I wonder which one it is?
  6. Spring is here and I have been out shooting nature to the tune of 2000 pictures in the last few days. Mostly wildflowers and insects. I have used four different lenses and I am just not happy with what I am getting in the macro department. I just can't land a really sharp macro. The four lenses I am using are as follows. 1. Sony 18-135mm f3.5 OSS 2. Sigma Macro 50mm f2.8 (Adapted legacy film Pentax lens) 3. Pentax-M SMC Macro 100mm f4 (Adapted legacy film Pentax lens) 4. Helios 44-2 58mm F2 (Adapted) The sharpest and brightest of these four lenses is the Sony, but it is not a macro. The only true Macro is the Sigma, but you have to be like 1/2 inch away from the subject to get a close-up and then it is a virtually flat DOF. The Pentax 100mm gives me the longer focusing distance I want, but the glass is crap and it produces really soft images. The Helios is a really nice lens with great bokeh, and a long focus distance, but it is not a macro lens either. So the two main feature I want is SHARP and longer focusing distance. I know that the answer is the Sony 90mm Macro, but that is out of my price range. I don't mind doing everything manually, and actually, prefer it when it comes to macro photography. I even switch the Sony lens to manual use the focus magnifier and peaking when doing macro. I just want a really good sharp macro lens, so I can get up close and person with very small objects. Take this picture for example. This is a close as I could get with the Sony 18-135mm on this tiny bug.
  7. Thanks for the great and informative answer. I really appreciate you taking the time to share your settings with me. I normally shoot with this camera in Aperture mode and leave all another setting on auto, unless I need to go full auto. It is an awesome camera and takes really great pictures. It is just frustrating that it has the Useless AUTO mode that NEVER gets anything right, but yet everyone talks about how GREAT it is, but when you ask why it is missing, they say, "you have to set the camera up manually". It's like I am speaking French or something.
  8. Call it whatever you want, but the name is "Superior Auto", and there is nothing Superior about it. I am not an idiot and I have read a lot and studied a lot about this camera, but the SUPERIOR AUTO function on this camera SUCKS!
  9. So what you are saying is the AF is not useful on the A6500? Yes, I know I can go manual, but my question here is not about how to adjust things manually. My question is about the reliability of the Automatic Focusing system on the A6500. One of the reasons I bought this camera was because of the accolades I heard about how intelligent the AF is, but ever since I bought it, it has consistently failed to choose the proper settings for the situation. About the only thing it seems to understand is the human face, so I guess it is fine for portrait studio photography, but any decent smartphone can do an excellent job of taking pictures of people in perfect lighting. At least now I know to never turn the dial mode to AUTO on this camera, because it sucks! Thanks for verifying this for me.
  10. I had the mode dial set to Superior Auto.
  11. Okay, so I bought this camera before heading to South America. I had a few weeks to get use to it before leaving and thought I had a decent handle on it. But now that I am home and reviewing my shots on a large screen, I am seeing that the AF missed way more then it hit. It seems that it always missed on some point. It either focused on the wrong thing, chose the shallow shallow DoF when I needed a deep DoF. I am just not sure if it is me, or if the AF on the A6500 is just not worth even using. Take this shot for example. I mean, this bird stands out like a sore thumb in this photo, but the camera chose to focus on the background rather than the subject. How could the AF miss the bird standing in front?
  12. So, I just bought the A6500 and it is an amazing camera. I am preparing to take it on an Amazon trip where I will be doing some hiking out in the jungles. I am currently using it with some lenses from other brands. I am looking for a native l all-in-one ens (another thread about that). But what else should I take? I know extra batteries, tripod and stuff like that, but I am thinking about the more unusual stuff, like best carry about camera bag for that environment and stuff like that.
  13. This was the exact lens I was looking at. let me ask you this. Removing the 500 limit, which lens do you think would fit the bill at best price?
  14. So I just bought a brand new A6500 and my wallet screamed and passed out. LOL! I have a few lenses from other brands that I can use with adapters, but I want a really good native all-in-one lens for this camera. This is my first time with a Sony ICL camera so I have no idea where to start and really would appreciate some advice. Here are my criteria. My budget is $500 1 I want the best quality all-in-one zoom lens as far as sharpness. 2. I want the longest zoom possible "Without" sacrificing quality. (I realize that a zoom lens is already sacrificing some quality). 3. I want the lens with the best low light performance (that I can get for under $500). 4. I want a lens that is the fastest and easiest to use with manual focusing but has good AF as well. 5. I want the best lens for STILL photography. If it is good for video, that is a bonus. Thank for the help.
  15. I have been shooting Pentax APS-C DSLR for a while now. I just bought a new A6000 and I am wondering if it is advisable to use my Pentax mount lenses on it? I have a Sigma 50mm 2.8 Macro lens, a Pentax A SMC 50mm F2 and a Vivitar 100mm 3.5 Macro. I also have some zoom lenses but plan to sell them with the camera. Should I try to use these lenses with my A6000, or would it be better to sell them and buy E mount lenses?
  16. I have been shooting stock with my 8 year old Pentax DSLR for a while now. I am ready to move to the Sony alpha. I am really stuck in the valley between buying an ASP-C camera like the a6000 or a FF camera the A7. I know they are both great cameras, and will do much better then what I have now. I would just like to hear from some other stock shooters about the triumphs and struggles with each platform and why they would or would not buy one stock photography? TIA
  17. I am just curious. Can you use a lens designed for the FF A7 camera on a a6000?
  18. Hi to all. New to the forum. A little about myself. I used to be a Sony guy a long time ago. Shot a lot of photos with Sony camera. I got off into the DSLR market back in 2010 and have been shooting Pentax. But now I am ready to return to Sony. Here is my dilemma. I have a very tight budget, but I shoot for stock photography and need a good quality camera. I am looking at two models that I think fit my bill, the A7 or the A6000. I know there are newer models, but I can't afford them right now. Maybe down the road I might be able to afford a better camera like the A7 III or the A6500, which is why I am struggling to decided. Here is my issue, if I buy the A7, I will have to go with a non-prime lens. But if I buy the A6000, I'll enough left over to get one prime lens like the Sony SEL50F18 50mm f/1.8 . I want something I can build on and that later, when I upgrade, my lenses will all work.
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