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  1. I was reading in another, someone said that a lot of new folks just jump in and starting asking question without introducing themselves. Well here it goes--- I got into photography back in the early 70's. My wife owned a florist/wedding shop so I did the photography. My most exciting "shoot," I got a pit pass for the 1972 US grand Prix at Watkind Glen, NY (that was exciting for a 22 year old!) I made enough on the race photos to buy a Hasselblad and a couple lenses (Sold it to pay for getting married). Back then, I started with Nikon F (sold it), then went to Canon F1 (Stolen) then to Olympus OM1 and OM2. Mostly used a Mamiya 330 for weddings. It all burned up in our house fire in 1983 and I hadn't touched a camera, except phone cameras, since. All that was done in E. Texas. Now we live in Colorado and I've been working in Wyoming. The eagles and wildlife in Wyoming, have gotten me interested in photography again. About a year ago I bought an a6000 with kit lenses a 70-300g, an adapted Nikkor F 35-70 macro and an old Nikkor 500mm. This digital and post processing stuff is really new to me. So much more can be done for so much less cost, "Very interesting." My current photo interests are wildlife (Raptors), landscape, macro and of course grandkids. My photos look OK, but when I see some that are on this and a couple sites, they are really lacking. I'm here to learn. Thanks, Knack
  2. I'm probably the newest newbie. I have posted one question but also with out introduction. I'm headed over to the "Introduction" area right now. See ya there. Knack
  3. Thank you. Now that you mention it I can see it. Back in my day (the old days) it was basically what came out of the camera was what you got. There was some darkroom work done but it was a lot harder and more expensive to do "post processing" in those days. I guess it just takes a lot of looking at other's photos and reading critiques to be able to start "seeing." Thanks, again Knack
  4. Hi folks. My first post here so please be easy on me. First a little back ground. I was semi-pro back in the "brass and glass" days, used Canon F1 and twin lens 220 cameras, had a color dark room. Everything burned up in a house fire in 1983 and other than phone cameras haven't touched a camera since. Now, for about a year, I have a Sony a6000 with kit lenses, a Nikkor macro and a 70-300 on order. Hadn't used it much until about 3 months ago. I only shot JPEG, Now JPEG and RAW. Question, How do you know that a photo need post processing and what to do? To me the "good" ones look pretty durn good.Some direction would be appreciated. Here is an example--it's about a year old and I don't remember if I did anything to it, if I did it wasn't much, other than reduce size to up load it. The white vertical stripes is hail falling. After looking at some of the photos on this forum, I sure y'all can give all kinds of suggestions. I don't know anything about PP or posting photos on line. I have Capture One Express 10. Thanks!
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