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  1. On the a7 iii Is there a way to set a toggle between full frame to APS-C to a Custom button?
  2. Thanks Chrissie, I think I came off a expecting too much. I understand volunteer sites and I always take answers with informed caution, even with the Lightroom and Photoshop forums. I look forward to participating in the site. Unfortunately as a "New to Sony" member, most of my posts in the near future will be questions about the camera settings and functionality. Once I am proficient with it, hopefully I will be able to participate on both sides. Hopefully this was the way to answer your reply. I did not see a direct reply link in your answer. Good answer :-)
  3. I am new to the a7 iii. The power save (Menu - Setup2) does not appear to be working. After experiencing several instances of taking my camera out of my bag and finding it warm I checked the battery that was 100% several hours earlier to be almost depleted. I checked the Power Save Start Time and it was set to 2 Min. I have since tested it by setting the camera with live view on in the monitor and reviewing when turns off. It never does. Is there some other setting that is conflicting with the power turning itself off? Does my camera need to be repaired? I look forward to your answer. Jim
  4. I have been a professional photographer for more than 50 years. I was a dedicated Canon user for the last 20+ years and finally decided to make the switch to Sony with the introduction of the a7 mark iii. I have a number of questions about the camera's configuration and core functions I hope to get answered in this forum. The first is I notice that the banner says "Your content will need to be approved by a moderator". How long does this delay in getting a question answered continue or is it indefinite. To me forums are my primary source for solving problems. The Lightroom and Photoshop forums are so well monitored I can usually solve a problem within minutes. Constant moderator review could be a bottleneck. I look forward to your answer. Jim
  5. Is there any difference quality between cropping an image taken in full size to APS-C and taking it in APS-C format? In other words, is APS-C nothing more that digital zoom?
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