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  1. Hey everyone After much investigation and pondering I've just acquired a brand new A7r3. Can't wait to take it out for it's first spin ^^ Today unfortunately it was thunderstorms around here with way too much rain, so no go I have however ran into some weird issues I've never noticed in any other cameras I've used, so I came running for help here to make sure I don't have a faulty sensor I made a post but it's not published, I can't find rules of the forum, so I'm posting here to say Hi, in case an introduction post is needed Anyway, happy shooting Talk later o/
  2. Hey there everyone, I'm new here. Just acquired an A7Riii Anyhow... something weird happened that I never saw with any other camera I owned and now I'm worried I have a faulty sensor. When I turned it on, even before popping some glass on (body cap was on ofc), the display was black as you'd expect, but there were some red pixels going around the screen. In a particular area I wouldn't even call them "pixels" as the pixels are absolutely minuscule, it was square/rectangle of reddish color that didn't move or disappear. I immediately thought "great... hot pixels", so I popped my lens on to check. After turning the camera back on, now with the lens on, I could still clearly see this red region there, both on the evf and lcd. I took a picture however and... it's gone. And after that it's also gone totally. Is there any initiation process going on with these cameras for the first time you run them? Anyhow, I took a couple of shots and when pixel peeping I see here and there white pixels. I'll have to run a proper test, but I'd like to know if anyone experienced something similar? Or is it common to have dead pixels on a brand new camera? I'd say no...
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