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  1. Iansky

    Sony A7iii

    Images taken with my first ever Sony - the learning curve begins!
  2. Iansky

    Flying bird

    Great shot of a beautiful bird.
  3. Iansky

    Hello from a new Sony user in Canada

    Welcome Kelly to a superb forum with very knowledgeable members willing to share - I have benefited a lot from their expertise already.
  4. Iansky


    I expected to see a nice car - what a pleasant surprise and fantastic image of a beautiful lady - what lens did you shoot this with Alejandro?
  5. Iansky


    Another stunning image that works really well in B&W, is that a cemetry in front of her?
  6. Iansky

    le café

    Nice photos - I personally prefer the 2nd image and those eyes really pop.
  7. Iansky

    Portrait with Sony FE 100-400

    Superb image and I would hope that at 100mm if would perform well as a portrait lens albeit a tad heavy - it shows the flexibility of the lens and I am still drooling but alas have to save my pennies!
  8. Iansky

    A horrible experience

    Glad to hear it all worked after being back on terra firma - I wonder if anyone else has experienced this as well and I would be surprised if it was down to pressure in the aircraft.
  9. I now ensure that after fitting a lens to the body, the first thing I do is run the cleaning programme and have found it does remove most of the dust / gunk from the sensor but usually there are always a couple of marks that can easily be removed in editing - alas, mirrorless sensors always appear more prone to DSLR cameras.
  10. Phase One offer a version of - Capture One Express that is a free version for Sony users - here is a link to the site: https://www.phaseone.com/en/Capture-One/Capture-One-Sony.aspx I have not tried it myself but hope this helps those interested in an alternative to Adobe products.
  11. Iansky

    Sony Cashback

    I have read some complaints by people about the Sony cashback scheme so just wanted to post me experiences with Sony UK. I had to wait the 30 days from date of purchase before submitting info and claiming my cashback, this I did on Monday this week - I received an email back by close of play Monday saying my claim had met the criteria and my claim was being processed and could take up to 28 days before I receive the money. Nearly fell over when I checked my account on Tue only to find that Sony had not only processed the claim but had paid the money into my account - amazing and very prompt and efficient service and totally hassle free so no complaints from me.
  12. Iansky

    And still they fly

    I was at one of our local nature reserves the other day and surprisingly came across some dragonflies that were still flying around despite the recent cold spell and the fact it is the middle of November. I am very impressed with how well the A7iii + 70-300 locked on and followed these fast moving insects with ease.
  13. Iansky

    Contrasting light

    I was out this afternoon and between the torrential showers we did have some very contrasty lighting, I headed up to the viewpoint and managed to grab a few images with the A7iii+ Sony Zeiss 24-70 f4 OSS - a great combination that delivers superb images.
  14. Iansky

    Recomended SD cards for a7iii

    I am using Sandisk Extreme PRO 32Gb Class 2 running at 280 mb/s - I only shoot raw and this card gives me over 1000 images so more than enough for day to day shooting and I have a class 1 card in No.2 slot as well as a spare Class 2 card with my spare battery. I am conscious of the fact that it is too easy to shoot more than needed with this camera and this impacts on editing time / effort. I come from a background of shooting analogue cameras professionally so am rather frugal with my shooting rather than adopting a "run & gun" attitude that many adopt. I do not shoot video so this does not impact my card choice. Good information though Chrissie, thanks for sharing.