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  1. Hi everyone I recently sold all my Canon gear and ordered the Sony A7iii and the 55mm 1.8 prime. From what I have seen of this lens it looks fantastic and seemed the best option for the budget I had. After placing the order it hit me... I am stuck at 55mm with no other option for now! I mainly shoot my son out on walks as well as landscapes and cinematic videos. I also do some paid weddings and video work (nothing booked for the rest of the year). So here is my dilemma... Do I send back the 55 and put some more money down for the 24-105 f4 OR keep hold of the 55mm and work with it for the next few months while I save for the 24-105 and have both? Would there be much point in owning both? Hope you guys can give me some input, the camera arrives tomorrow and the excitement has turned to a little worry! Thanks
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