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  1. Hi All: Forgive this question if is a repeat. As per the Mark Galer video series, "When capturing images in AF-C, alpha mirrorless cameras will focus at the aperture selected." What I'm seeing with my a9 with 24-105G OSS is in AF-C the aperture breaths open to acquire focus at small stops, f10-f22, albeit not so much as AF-S. This creates noise. I'm a unit stills photographer and this is an issue. Also, I hear a little noise sometimes when I depress and hold the shutter button down for multiple exposures. Audio Signals are turned completely off, set to electronic shutter, and Live View Display settings effect is on. In the below video I am at f22, first pass is with AF-S, second is with AF-C. Any thoughts would be great. This forum is fantastic! Thank you. AF-S then AF-C F22.mov
  2. Forgive me in advance of this has been asked before. I work on movie sets and my camera has to be drop a pin quiet. I'm loving my new a9 with the metabones adapter on my canon lenses. The only problem is if I use the lens at its most wide open, say 2.8, I don’t get any sound. When I use my lens at any other aperture, I get a little electronic sound either when I depress the shutter button completely, in green mode or when I take my finger off the shutter button in advanced mode, using AF-C. Is the lens stopping down and then opening up? Is there anyway to prevent this? Thanks so much for your time....a little desperate here, if you have any thoughts I'd be most grateful.
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