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  1. I can understand your frustrations in gettingas new camera and not having the time to learn about it's many options. A few months ago, my wife and I were getting ready to leave for a trip in China, and I wanted something lighter than my Nikon D810 with it's heavy "glass" yet a little better than my Panasonic LX100 or Canon G1x. My daughter had a A6500 and wanted to sell it so she good get a A7iii -- I had very little time to learn the Sony's in's and out's. As I recall, there are around 100 settings -- took me a lot of time to learn the essential, however I set #1 on the selection dial to Aperture Prefered, ISO Auto and f/stop to 5.6. The #2 I set to Manual, ISO 400, f/stop to 8.0 and Shutter to 1/125 sec. The focus area I set to Expand Flexible focus. With those settings (if I used "M", I adjusted the settings to the conditions), I got over 2,000 images with hardly a miss. For many, I just held the camera at arms length over my head due to the crowds and got great travel pictures. Cameras been great so far... \rtc
  2. In some of the demos, they show the square that is like the initial focus area, however I'm not sure if they are using an A6500 or one of the A7's. \rtc
  3. On my A6500, I have Continuous focus ON and the Focus area set to Lock on AF: Flexible Spot M. When I try to set focus, I get "dancing spots" rather than a small frame. The "dancing spots" are moving all around where I initially set the focus (pressed the button for focus). Is that normal? I do use Back Button Focus (BBF), which should not have a bearing on this. Many thanks for some clarification. \rtc
  4. I want to assign the center button on my A6500 to Focus Standard so that I can toggle between moving the focus area or access the functions around the button. I had it set that way however I lost my setup. Am I over looking something that would remove that choice? Or am I just not being careful in scrolling the choices? Thank you...
  5. I have a Godox V860iiS for my a6500 and it seems to be a very good match EXCEPT the TTL delay. With my Nikon SB910 on a D810, I get about 90% of my images with the smile or pose I'm seeking when I press the release; with the Sony/Godox pair I get maybe 25%. If the Godox is in manual mode, the delay is close to zero, but no TTL. Has anyone discovered a work around? Too bad that the Godox does not have an Auto mode as the SB910 has; yes, not as convenient as TTL. \rtc
  6. Is there a setting for the a6500 so that it will do continuous without having to hold the shutter release halfway down (I use back button focus)? What I have in mind is to have the a6500 on a tripod with a remote release and pointed at a target area. Though I'm late, it would be nice to have the camera on a tripod, semi-hidden, and get pictures of the cute trick and treaters. \rtc
  7. Sorry I was not clear with my question: I understand presets 1 & 2 as well as M1 - M4. What I'm not sure about are modes "A", "S" and "M". Let's say is set the camera to "A" and make some special settings. Then the situation changes and and I change to "S" and make some more settings. After I have turned the camera off, then come back to it, what can I expect with modes "A" and "S"? Any of my special settings saved? \rtc
  8. I am new to Sony and the APS-C cameras (Nikon 810) and recently purchased my daughter's a6500 (so she can get the a7riii). Camera seems ideal for my trip to China this week, however I'm in the process of acquainting myself with the many advanced features that Sony has placed in their cameras.Since I'll be on walking tours, I want to utilize those features and leave the "Event Photography" at home. With the 18-70 Zeiss lens, using Aperture Preferred and Auto-ISO (100-3200) appears to be an ideal setting for Point and Shoot type photography (oh yes, back button focus implemented).For those of you with experience with the a6500, is that a good setting for most on the run image capturing? Or should I manage the ISO as I would do with the D810?
  9. The manual is not very clear about that. My understanding is just the "1" and "2" settings can be saved using M1 - M4. Many thanks... \rtc
  10. I have the #1 and #2 settings setup; can those settings be copied to "A" or "B"? Or do I need to go through "A", "S", "P" and "M" and establish base settings? Many thanks... \rtcary
  11. I am new to Sony cameras, the a6500 being my first. For my DSLR I use a Nikon D810 and it provides the ability to have custom settings for the Jpeg processing that alter how the out of camera Jpeg's look, even if using RAW + Jpeg. Since the camera is new for me, I easily could have missed a setting where individual elements of the Jpeg can be set e.g. saturation. Does that exist in the Sony a6500? \rtcary
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